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Mercedes Oil Leaks Persist – Could You Have a Lemon? ,
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Although German-engineered Mercedes vehicles have a long and proud history, they are plagued by persistent problems. One of the most notable issues is engine oil leaks. Numerous models are known to leak, and Mercedes has only been partially successful in finding remedies. Now, some of the newest Mercedes models have the same problem.

Mercedes Oil Leak Recall

On December 21, 2023, Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC issued a recall for an improper seal that allows oil to leak from the engine on three specific models.

NHTSA Campaign Number 23V878000 recalls “certain 2023 GLC300, 2024 GLE350 and GLE450 vehicles equipped with an M254 engine.”

The recall further states that “incorrect screws, installed on the high-pressure fuel pump, may prevent a proper seal from forming between the high-pressure fuel pump and the tandem oil pump.”

Mercedes sent official notifications to owners of these vehicles on February 9, 2024, instructing them to return specific vehicles to a local dealer for free high-pressure fuel pump replacement to solve the issue.

Are Oil Leaks a Problem with Your Mercedes?

Persistent oil leaks in your Mercedes car do more than stain your driveway. They can lead to low engine oil pressure, faulty performance and even damage. Oil buildup on the engine creates a higher risk of fire. Oil leaked onto other engine components can weaken seals and rubber hoses and contribute to premature degradation or failure.

Leaking oil can also pose a hazard for other drivers and increase the risk of a crash. Puddled oil in your driveway or garage poses a slip-and-fall risk and erodes the concrete or asphalt.

If your Mercedes vehicle has repeated oil leaks that cannot be fixed, you may have a lemon.

What Can You Do with a Lemon?

Persistent oil leaks can be a serious problem indicating a design or manufacturing defect. If your Mercedes qualifies as a lemon, you could have a case under state lemon laws to pursue satisfaction from Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. Lemon laws vary from state to state, but in most cases, you could receive a refund of the purchase price or a replacement vehicle directly from the manufacturer, and your attorney fees paid – FREE.

What if your new Mercedes is affected by the recall above? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for getting your free repair from the dealer. Then watch closely to see if oil leaks continue. If so, the recall may not be the remedy your car needs, and the dealer may need to make another repair attempt.

State lemon laws stipulate that if “repeated repair attempts” are made by an authorized dealer with no success, your vehicle could qualify as a lemon.

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