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It’s not uncommon to see junked cars sitting in backyards around Inglewood, CA, and surrounding communities. A number of these are likely lemons that left the owner stuck without transportation, and they were left to rot while the consumer sought another car, truck or SUV. Fortunately, California and other states have consumer protection laws (lemon laws) that provide a course of action when you purchase a lemon.

Lemon Larry is a FREE service to consumers that can help if you get stuck with a lemon. Lemon Larry is not a lawyer, but we can connect you with an Inglewood Lemon Law Attorney who can help you with your case. If you qualify, you may receive a replacement vehicle or reimbursement of your lemon’s purchase price, plus a refund of rental car, repair costs and other expenses.

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

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Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Under the Tanner Consumer Protection Act, consumers in California have legal protection and options when they have purchased a lemon car, truck or SUV. These laws provide for specific settlement benefits if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. You may be entitled to a full refund from the car manufacturer or a replacement vehicle, plus your attorney fees. Have you repeatedly returned to the dealer in Inglewood for repairs without success? This is a common indicator that you have a lemon on your hands. An experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer in Inglewood can explain more about the claims process, how you can get started, and what to expect.

Are you worried about the costs of hiring an attorney? California does not require you to have an attorney when making a claim under lemon laws, but if you qualify, the vehicle manufacturer must pay all legal fees for your case. You could enjoy the seasoned guidance of a CA Lemon Law Attorney in Inglewood for free! And Lemon Larry is a free service to consumers, so you pay us absolutely nothing.

How Do I Know if My Vehicle Qualifies as a Lemon?

This is the pivotal question for determining if you can file a lemon law claim. Vehicles can display a wide array of problems that can qualify them as a lemon. Mechanical, electrical, safety and other issues that cannot be resolved after repeated attempts can indicate that you have purchased or leased a lemon.

Lemon Larry has developed a fast, seven-question process that is entirely online to help you get started. Simply click the link, answer the questions, and you will know within seconds if you qualify for free, no-obligation help from an Inglewood Lemon Law Attorney.

Some of the qualifying factors your vehicle must meet include the following:

  • A vehicle bought or leased new in CA
  • A vehicle still under the original factory warranty
  • A vehicle experiencing substantial defects that prevent its reliable use
  • A vehicle that cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts by an authorized dealer

It is important to note that there are time limitations for filing a lemon law claim in California. An experienced Inglewood Lemon Law Attorney can explain more and answer your questions. The law is on your side if you have a lemon car, truck or SUV. Follow the link and complete the quick, seven-question assessment. If you qualify, Lemon Larry will connect you with a seasoned Inglewood Lemon Law Attorney who can guide you through the claims process and help you seek a replacement vehicle or refund under the law.

Remember, you could receive a replacement vehicle or a refund from the manufacturer. All at no cost to you! Start now by taking Lemon Larry’s 7-question assessment!

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