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Miami residents are fortunate to enjoy beautiful, year-round sunshine – unless they are standing out in it beside a car that won’t run. Has your new car, truck, motorcycle or SUV turned out to be a lemon? Aptly named “lemon laws” exist in Florida and other states to protect consumers like you who have unwittingly purchased a faulty or defective vehicle. Lemon Larry can connect you with a Miami lemon law attorney to help you pursue a claim.

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

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Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

While Florida lemon laws are pretty straightforward, and similar to the laws in other states, they can become complicated at times. Many factors can affect your lemon law claim. When you file a claim with the vehicle manufacturer’s Florida-certified arbitration board, they will be legally prepared to resist. They do not make money by taking back defective vehicles. You will need an experienced Miami lemon law claim lawyer to present your case and fight for your rights.

In most lemon law arbitration cases, or even if your claim goes before the courts, the primary evidence needed will be provided by your vehicle dealer. The law stipulates that you must allow the dealer a “reasonable number” of opportunities to correct the defect and make repairs. Every time you visit the dealer for service, they make a formal record of the services they provide. These records are vital to your case. They provide:

  • Certifiable evidence of a defect or problem with the vehicle
  • Dates of service and services performed in repeated attempts to repair the vehicle
  • Evidence that you have allowed the dealer a “reasonable number” of attempts to repair the vehicle
  • Proof that the dealer has made repeated attempts to repair the vehicle without success

If you do not already have copies of these records, a full service record on your vehicle can be obtained from the dealer. Just ask them for a printout of your vehicle service record. Keep these records, and make sure they list the dates and time spent at the dealer for service.

Isn’t Filing a Legal Claim Under Lemon Laws Expensive?

Not for you it isn’t! One of the primary protections of Florida lemon laws concerns legal fees. If you win your lemon law claim against the vehicle manufacturer, the law demands that they pay all legal fees as well as provide you a reimbursement for the purchase price of your vehicle, or give you a replacement vehicle. You could get a new car absolutely free!

Lemon Larry is not a legal firm, and we do not charge consumers for our services. We pre-qualify you as a possible lemon law client and connect you with a nearby Miami lemon law attorney that can help you build and pursue a claim under Florida lemon laws.

Take just a few seconds right now and complete our online 7-question pre-qualification assessment. If you do qualify, you will be immediately connected with a knowledgeable and seasoned Miami lemon law attorney that will be glad to answer your questions and show you the next steps to filing a claim. Don’t wait – take our brief assessment now!

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