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Have you been stuck with a car that is a lemon in Ohio? A lemon is the term typically used for a car or truck with lingering defects that make it unusable and a drain on the owner’s finances (and patience). Lemon Larry is a referral agency providing consumers in Ohio with information regarding the state’s lemon laws. If you have a vehicle of any kind that cannot seem to be fixed within a reasonable time frame, Lemon Larry can help you find an Ohio lemon law attorney — free of charge.

Lemon Larry is not an attorney or group of attorneys. We are a service assisting consumers when they believe they may have a lemon law claim. If you do, then Lemon Larry will find an experienced and knowledgeable Ohio lemon law attorney to help you with your claim.

Some consumers may be saddled with a car, truck or SUV that spends more time getting repairs than getting them to work, school or play. Unfortunately, many people do not understand how the law applies in these cases. Lemon Larry exists to help consumers just like you determine whether or not they have a claim under Ohio State lemon laws and connects them with an attorney who can help.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer in Ohio

Finding the best attorney to deal with lemon law vehicle issues can be challenging, and even overwhelming. Moreover, most consumers do not understand the laws that were written to help. After all the headaches you’ve had with your lemon, wouldn’t it be nice to have a knowledgeable advocate? We can help!

Lemon Larry exists to simplify this process for the consumer. Services through Lemon Larry do not cost the consumer a referral fee. In fact, consumers will not have to pay anything out of pocket for the legal services to handle their Ohio lemon law claim. The vehicle dealership or other party that sold you the vehicle must cover all legal fees.

Do I Have a Lemon Law Claim?

This helpful web page from the Ohio Attorney General defines what constitutes a lemon in Ohio and your specific avenues of recourse. However, the average consumer may read through these stipulations and still not know if they have a legitimate claim. Specifically, the state’s lemon laws apply to vehicles that have repeated or ongoing mechanical defects that remain, even after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

To provide valuable assistance to consumers, Lemon Larry provides a simple, easy seven-question online test to see if you have a lemon. Click the link, take the test and if you have a lemon, Lemon Larry can help. Our service will connect you with an experienced and knowledgeable Ohio attorney to help you pursue a lemon law claim.

Consumers who take our seven-question test do not pay a cent and know within seconds if they qualify. Your claim could be eligible to receive a cash settlement or a replacement vehicle if you win your Ohio lemon law claim.

Vehicle owners in Ohio benefit by not having to pay out-of-pocket to get the lawyer’s services. Once the vehicle has been identified as a lemon, the lawyer can negotiate with the responsible party or parties to get a reimbursement, refund or replacement; you may even recover other expenses you have paid for attempted repairs.

Facing a public, civil lawsuit is something all dealerships and car manufacturers want to avoid. It’s bad for business. Plus, if negotiations fail and your case goes before an Ohio court, sellers know the law requires them to pay the court and attorney fees. That means very few of these cases ever go to court. It could cost thousands more than simply refunding your money or buying back your vehicle.

Why Should I Consult an Ohio Lemon Law Attorney?

If your car has frequent problems, you are always taking your vehicle to the dealership to get it repaired and the cycle never seems to end, you likely have a lemon. This is true even if your car, truck or SUV is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Some believe they have no recourse because they are not being charged for warranty repairs. It is not uncommon to hear that a dealer provided a rental car for three or four days of repairs, but the repairs took six or more and the consumer had to pay the extra. Even if you had no out-of-pocket expenses, you still lost your time, which you can only spend once. If this is similar to your situation, you could likely benefit from filing a claim with a knowledgeable Ohio lemon law attorney.

It is important that you keep all notifications to the dealership, repair receipts and orders (even those covered under warranty), a record of how much time you lost, vehicle rental expenses and all other expenses related to the repair of your vehicle. This is valuable evidence that an Ohio lemon law attorney can use in your case.

Stop struggling with a car, truck or SUV that isn’t working for you. Take our seven-question test today, and get the help you need from Lemon Larry.

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