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Buying a new vehicle should be a rewarding experience, but not all new cars are made the same. Some seem to come with inherent mechanical or computerized problems that continually have you heading back to the dealer for service. These “lemons” can cost you plenty in time and money, even if a warranty covers the repairs. If you have a vehicle that is a lemon in Pennsylvania, you could be eligible to receive reimbursement or a replacement vehicle under state lemon laws. Our team at Lemon Larry can connect you with a Lemon Law attorney to look at your case.

Every state has lemon laws that protect consumers against poorly made vehicles. If you have ongoing problems with a newer vehicle, you may qualify for legal recourse by filing a lemon law claim. While these laws are designed to help consumers, they require extensive knowledge of the law and adherence to strict protocols to prove your case. Since all state lemon laws are different, you need an experienced attorney who understands Pennsylvania’s lemon laws. Whether you live in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or anywhere in Pennsylvania, our job at Lemon Larry is to find you the right lawyer in your area to handle your case.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

It is essential to have an experienced lemon law claim lawyer on your side if you have an unsafe or defective newer vehicle. In Pennsylvania, specific requirements determine whether a vehicle or its owner qualifies for a lemon law claim. You want an attorney that knows the law that will determine your case. Our team at Lemon Larry can find a highly skilled lemon law lawyer that can advise you on whether you have a reasonable case to file a claim. The best part is that you do not need to pay a dime up front – if the lawyer takes your claim, they are only paid if they win your case, and the vehicle manufacturer will pay their fee.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, local lemon laws cover both purchased and leased vehicles that are licensed in Pennsylvania. Some requirements must be met to qualify to make a claim. For example, the problems with the vehicle must start within 12 months of purchase. Your vehicle can be a few years old, but you must have documented proof that it needed repairs for the specified issues within the first 12 months after you purchased or leased the vehicle. Having a lawyer on your side can ensure you meet the qualifications to file a lemon law claim under Pennsylvania law.

Can I File a Lemon Law Claim?

The general rule with lemon law claims is that the owner of the vehicle in question must have had at least three repairs for the same issue. In Pennsylvania, the first attempt to fix the issue must be completed within the first year. The manufacturer must be given a chance to repair the problem, but if the same problem keeps occurring, the vehicle may be considered a “lemon” and qualify for a refund or replacement. It is vital to keep all documentation on every repair and to have a qualified attorney help you file your claim to receive the highest benefits.

If you win your case, you may be eligible to receive either a refund or replacement for your vehicle. The attorney costs may also be covered under the claim, which the manufacturer will pay, not you. You could receive compensation to refund your down payment and monthly payments on your vehicle or receive a replacement vehicle of comparable value.

Lemon Larry makes it simple to find an experienced Pennsylvania lemon law attorney. Take our quick 7-question review to see if you qualify for a free lemon law assessment by a lawyer near you. If you meet the initial assessment requirements, our team will connect you with a Pennsylvania lawyer to evaluate your case.

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