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Nothing could be as pleasant as cruising through the Shoreline district south of Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach and enjoying your new car. Conversely, nothing could be as infuriating as following your new car on a tow-truck as it is hauled to the dealership for repairs on the same issue. If this seems to be your experience with a new car, truck or SUV in California, you may have stumbled on a lemon. But don’t lose heart – Lemon Larry is here to help!

A “lemon” is slang for a defective vehicle that is unreliable and constantly needing repairs. In spite of advanced technology and quality control measures, lemons slip by and make it through auto dealerships to consumers all the time. But you are not without a means of recourse; California lemon laws exist to protect consumers. Lemon Larry is your gateway to pursuing a lemon law claim for your defective new vehicle.

Lemon Larry is not an attorney. We provide a FREE consumer service that helps you determine if you may have a lemon law case. If you qualify, we connect you with a knowledgeable and seasoned lemon law attorney near you in Long Beach who can guide you through the process of a lemon law claim. If you qualify, you could receive a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement of the purchase price for your defective car or truck.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Lemon Larry has devised a quick online assessment you can take to help determine if your defective vehicle qualifies as a lemon. This 7-question assessment simply asks basic questions about the experience you have had with your vehicle. You are not obligated to do, join or pay anything.

Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle to see if you have a lemon. You could:

  • Qualify for help in only seconds!
  • Get FREE help from a Long Beach lemon law attorney!
  • Receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

If you qualify, Lemon Larry will connect you with a Long Beach Lemon Law Attorney who possesses the specific skills, knowledge and experience you need to pursue a claim under California’s lemon laws. Many lawyers may handle these cases, along with other types of law. But Lemon Larry only works with attorneys who choose to focus on lemon law claims. They have the specific skills required to handle big auto manufacturers and their fast-paced lawyers, who will do anything possible to avoid paying a claim.

How Can a Long Beach Lemon Law Claim Attorney Help Me?

A Long Beach lemon law claim attorney has the benefit of being near your home. No long-distance travel to larger cities is required – he or she has an office in your town to serve local residents just like you. Your Long Beach attorney will be well-versed in California consumer protection laws, also known as lemon laws. He or she knows how to structure a claim and gather sufficient evidence to prove that you, indeed, have a lemon on your hands.

The law requires that you must have allowed the dealer a “reasonable” number of attempts to repair the vehicle. While this number can be elusive, a lemon law attorney can guide you through this and other complicated aspects of pursuing a claim. They will also help you obtain the dealer’s own repair records to document every attempt at repairs and the relevant dates. This is all valuable evidence your lemon law claim lawyer can use to prove your case is valid.

Your Long Beach lemon law attorney also has the knowledge and skills to negotiate with the auto manufacturer to reach a settlement that benefits you. Auto companies frequently choose to settle out of court and avoid public knowledge of any lemon claims. Under California lemon laws, you could be entitled to a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement of the purchase price and other expenses. Plus, the manufacturer will pay all your legal fees – you pay absolutely nothing!

Begin the process today by taking Lemon Larry’s fast 7-question assessment to see if you qualify. Let a Long Beach lemon law attorney help you pursue a claim for a replacement vehicle today!

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