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Chula Vista is aptly named, as the city offers a “beautiful view” at every turn. As a booming city with its own Growth Management Oversight Commission, Chula Vista, also known as The Lemon Capital of the World, is poised for continued expansion. With all this growth comes even more traffic and vehicles. But when your new car, truck or SUV has repeated problems that your dealer in Chula Vista cannot seem to fix, where do you turn?

Every state has consumer protection laws that provide consumers an avenue of recourse if they have unwittingly purchased a defective product. These so-called “Lemon Laws” allow you to appeal to the manufacturer if you purchased a vehicle or other product with repeated problems. California lemon laws provide consumers with certain protections after meeting specific criteria for determining if their vehicle is a lemon. When problems like this arise, you need the assistance of a Chula Vista Lemon Law Attorney.

What if I Think I Have a Lemon?

California lemon laws spell out how to determine if you have a faulty vehicle, or a lemon. The law establishes certain criteria that must be met. These criteria include:

  1. The vehicle must have a “substantial defect” that is covered by the original factory warranty.
  2. The vehicle in question must have been leased or purchased in California.
  3. An authorized auto dealership must have made a reasonable number of attempts to repair the vehicle without success.
  4. The vehicle must have been out of service for at least 30 days for these unsuccessful repairs.

Under CA lemon laws, if your vehicle is determined to be a lemon, you could receive a refund or replacement vehicle. However, problems can arise when trying to make your case with the local Chula Vista dealer or the vehicle manufacturer. That’s where Lemon Larry can help.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Lemon Larry is not an attorney. We are a consumer service that is FREE to you, helping you determine if you have a lemon vehicle and connecting you with a local Chula Vista Lemon Law Attorney who can help. Manufacturers will often refuse to admit that a lemon slipped through the cracks and onto a dealership lot for sale to the public. An experienced CA lemon law claim lawyer in Chula Vista will be familiar with these tactics and can help you with your claim.

  • The manufacturer may delay when you attempt to handle your claim through arbitration.
  • The manufacturer will have their own attorneys to protect their interests and avoid paying out lemon law claims.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the law, you may be easily confused and convinced to accept a settlement that is far less than what you deserve under the law.

A Chula Vista Lemon Law Attorney near you can help you fight for your right to reimbursement or a replacement vehicle. California lemon law attorneys who are experienced in dealing with these types of claims know the tactics of the manufacturers and their lawyers. When negotiation and arbitration fail, they can even represent your case before a civil court. However, this is when most cases end with a settlement; auto manufacturers do not want the publicity of a lemon vehicle in open court and the media.

But it gets even better – under CA lemon laws, if your vehicle is indeed a lemon, not only must the manufacturer provide a replacement vehicle or a refund, but they must also cover all reasonable legal fees. This means that you pay nothing for the services of a Chula Vista Lemon Law Attorney.

If you think you have a lemon car, truck or SUV purchased in California, take Lemon Larry’s brief online assessment to see if you qualify. If so, we can connect you with an experienced Chula Vista Lemon Law Attorney to help.

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