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If you have a student, or you attend one of the many institutions of higher learning that call Irvine, CA, home, you need a dependable vehicle to get back and forth to class. What do you do when a new vehicle you recently purchased turns out to be a lemon? Do you simply park it and drive something else? That may be a temporary solution – Lemon Larry is the key to a more permanent solution.

Lemon Larry is not a lawyer – we are a free service to consumers that could help you if you recently purchased a new car, truck or SUV that turned out to be a lemon. Take our 7-question assessment below to see if you qualify. If so, we can connect you with an experienced Irvine lemon law attorney that can help you file a lemon law claim under California consumer protection laws. You could receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle FREE!

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

  • Get FREE help from an Irvine, CA lemon law attorney!
  • Find out if you qualify in just a few seconds!
  • Receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

An experienced lemon law claim lawyer near you in Irvine can explain how the claims process works, as well as help you prepare and file a claim. California, like most states, has a prescribed method for filing lemon law claims. Sometimes this process can get complicated, so it’s always better to have a dedicated attorney that is well-versed in the consumer protection laws by your side.

Plus, negotiating with car manufacturer representatives can get sticky, and a seasoned lawyer can deal with their tactics to fight for your rights. He or she will not let you be denied if you have a legitimate claim that meets the criteria under California law. As this can often be confusing, you need a CA lemon law attorney that can explain the process and pursue your case, even into court if necessary.

California Lemon Laws are There to Protect You!

Lemon laws are found in every state, including California, to protect innocent consumers like you who purchased a product in good faith. Instead of being stuck with a defective product, consumers are able to file a claim against the vehicle manufacturer. The law requires that an authorized dealer for the manufacturer must be given a reasonable number of opportunities to make the necessary repairs, without success, in order for you to make a lemon law claim.

If you have a problematic car, truck or SUV that the dealer cannot seem to fix, either for the same issue or multiple problems, your vehicle could qualify as a lemon. The dedicated Irvine lemon law attorney, that Lemon Larry can connect you with, can explain how the claims process works and what you need to do next to prepare for filing and pursuing a claim.

How Can I Help an Irvine Lemon Law Attorney with My Claim?

The most important thing you can do to help your lemon law claim lawyer is obtain a complete record of all the repair attempts on your lemon vehicle by the dealer. Every dealer service center keeps accurate records of what was done, parts used and any other actions, as well as when they were made. This is valuable documentation your attorney will use to build a solid case for your lemon claim.

He or she will explain more about the claims process and how you can work together to pursue a successful claim. However, there is a statute of limitations on when you can file a claim. Don’t wait any longer! Take Lemon Larry’s 7-question assessment now to see if you qualify. You could receive a FREE replacement vehicle!

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