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There’s nothing quite like the relaxation of a quiet drive along Ocean Drive in Oxnard while taking in the scenic vista of the Pacific Ocean. There’s also nothing quite like watching the traffic buzz past as you sit impatiently in a broken down lemon and wait for a tow truck. If you’ve had this experience with a new car, truck or SUV more than a few times, you could have a lemon. This is the common term for a defective new vehicle that breaks down frequently.

How do you know if you have a lemon? If you do, what can you do about it? Get help from an Oxnard lemon law attorney. Begin now by taking Lemon Larry’s seven-question online assessment to see if you qualify. You could receive a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement absolutely free.

  • Get FREE help from an Oxnard Lemon Law Attorney!
  • See if you qualify in only seconds!
  • Receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

If you were raised to believe that anything sounding too good to be true probably isn’t – then you’ve just been introduced to that rule’s exception. Lemon Larry can get you the help you need to get rid of that lemon and get another new car – absolutely FREE!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer Near You in Oxnard

Lemon Larry is not an attorney – we are a service offered FREE to consumers across the United States to help when you’ve been stuck with a lemon. If you take our quick online assessment linked above and qualify, we will connect you with an experienced Lemon Law claim lawyer near you in Oxnard that is experienced in these types of claims.

Every state has consumer protection laws, including California. These laws allow you to make a claim against the manufacturer when you have purchased or leased a defective automobile. The law spells out what is required for your vehicle to qualify as a lemon:

  • The vehicle must have been purchased or leased in California.
  • The vehicle must have what is considered a “substantial defect” that is covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty.
  • The vehicle must have had a “reasonable number” of unsuccessful repair attempts by an authorized dealer.
  • The vehicle must have been in for service on the issue in question (or a range of issues) for at least 30 days or more during the warranty period.

If your vehicle qualifies, CA lemon laws allow you to make a claim against the vehicle manufacturer. In return, they must provide you with a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement of the purchase price. Plus, they are required to cover all legal fees, including those of your Oxnard lemon law attorney. You could get a new car FREE!

How Can an Oxnard Lemon Law Attorney Help Me?

The law in California does not require you to have an attorney to file a lemon law claim, but we recommend that you do. Auto manufacturers do not like admitting they let a lemon get past quality control to a consumer, and they will have talented lawyers to argue their case. You need an Oxnard lemon law attorney that focuses on these types of cases in your corner.

He or she can walk you through the complex claims process and handle any arbitration or negotiations with the auto dealer. A seasoned California lemon law attorney knows the tactics used by auto dealer lawyers, including delays and lowball offers to settle. They will pursue your case to see that you get everything you deserve under the law.

Legal battles can be confusing and technical, so you need an experienced CA lemon law claims lawyer near you in Oxnard to handle your case. You could receive a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement of the purchase price, plus all your legal fees are paid – FREE! Start today by taking Lemon Larry’s 7-question online assessment to see if you qualify!

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