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Enjoying the popular attractions of coastal Ventura, California, requires a reliable vehicle. Located northwest of Los Angeles, residents and visitors relax on San Buenaventura State Beach, explore Ventura Pier or enjoy the many downtown attractions along Main Street, like Mission San Buenaventura. Of course, if your new car, truck or SUV continues to break down and leave you stranded, you can miss much of what Ventura has to offer – except your local car dealership service center.

Repeated problems with a new vehicle could mean you have a lemon – a defective vehicle that slipped through the car company’s quality control system and was sent to a dealer for sale to consumers. This is when you need Lemon Larry.

We are not lawyers; we’re a free service to consumers like you who find themselves with a lemon car, truck or SUV. If you qualify, we can connect you with an experienced Ventura Lemon Law Attorney who can help you file a claim under California lemon laws.

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

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Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

If you qualify, we will connect you with an experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer near you in Ventura. They focus only on lemon law claims under CA consumer protection laws. These laws are meant to protect people like you who bought or leased a new vehicle in good faith only to discover it has multiple problems that make it unreliable.

A Ventura Lemon Law Attorney will help you pursue a claim against the car company under CA lemon laws that could see you receiving a reimbursement or replacement vehicle. Of course, CA law does not require you to have an attorney to file a lemon law claim – but you can expect to face lawyers from the car company that will vigorously fight your claim with many tricks and tactics. Their ultimate goal is to make you give up in frustration to prevent losses to the car company.

Your Ventura Lemon Law Claim Lawyer knows these tactics and how to counter them. They also know that car companies often offer quick, lowball settlements to entice innocent consumers. This tactic can look appealing when you need money or a vehicle, but they are likely far less than what you are entitled to under the law. Your attorney will pursue your claim to see you get everything the law allows.

How Can I Help a Ventura Lemon Law Attorney With My Claim?

Your Ventura Lemon Law Attorney has the knowledge, skills and experience to represent you throughout your claim process, but they need your help. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Be Patient – Delay is one of the most-used tactics car company lawyers employ to keep from settling claims under the law.
  2. Be Smart – Lemon law claims stipulate that an authorized dealer must be allowed a reasonable number of repair attempts. Don’t let just anyone work on your vehicle. Take it back to the dealer as many times as they will allow.
  3. Be Proactive – Every repair attempt by your local dealer in Ventura is documented. These repair records are important evidence to validate your claim. Ask your dealer for a copy of all these records and provide them to your Lemon Law Attorney. They should be provided free and without hassles.

California lemon laws exist for innocent consumers just like you who got stuck with a lemon vehicle. Take advantage of these legal protections – take the Lemon Larry 7-question assessment now to see if you qualify. You could receive a reimbursement or replacement vehicle, plus your attorney fees paid, FREE!

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