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Whether you’re planning to spend the day at Natividad Creek Park or traveling on a whim to enjoy pristine Monterey Bay, you expect to jump into your new car, truck or SUV and speed away. Each morning before work, you likely give no thought to whether or not your vehicle will start or get you there – unless you’ve gotten stuck with a lemon. If so, you need help from a Salinas lemon law attorney, and Lemon Larry can help.

What is a Lemon?

A “lemon” is a well-known slang term for a defective new vehicle. We call them “lemons” because of the sour taste left behind when you realize you’ve spent all that money for a bum car. You have every right to expect it to work perfectly when you need it, so your frustration is well understood.

How do you know if you have a lemon? California consumer protection laws (lemon laws) specify certain qualifications. They include:

  • The vehicle must have been purchased or leased new in CA
  • The vehicle must still be covered by the original factory warranty
  • The vehicle must have defects that affect its value, safety and/or operation
  • An authorized dealer must have attempted repairs several times without success

Lemon Larry can help you determine if you qualify under CA law to file a claim against the manufacturer. We are not attorneys; we provide a service that is free to consumers like you to help when you’ve unwittingly bought a lemon. Take Lemon Larry’s quick 7-question online assessment now to see if you qualify!

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

  • Get FREE help from a Salinas lemon law attorney!
  • It only takes seconds to qualify!
  • Get a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced CA Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

If you qualify after taking our quick online assessment, Lemon Larry will connect you with an experienced CA lemon law claim lawyer near you in Salinas. He or she will lead a practice devoted to helping consumers navigate the sometimes complicated consumer protection laws in California. Their expertise and skills will be needed when you file a claim against the car company.

Auto manufacturers don’t like to admit it when a lemon slips past quality control and gets sold to a consumer. They employ teams of lawyers to hold off lemon law claims and prevent losses. Among their tactics is attempts to delay paying claims by long arbitration processes or other procedural delays, or offering low settlements that are far below what the law says you deserve.

Under CA lemon laws, if you qualify and win your claim, the car company must give you a reimbursement or replacement vehicle and pay all legal fees for your claim. This means you could receive the purchase price of your vehicle or a new one FREE! Don’t settle for less than what you deserve under the law. Take the Lemon Larry 7-question assessment to get started today!

Steps You Can Take to Help Your Lemon Law Claim

While a Salinas lemon law attorney will provide valuable assistance and representation for pursuing your claim, you have some important contributions to make as well. They include:

  • Taking the Lemon Larry online assessment right away – a statute of limitations applies
  • Only allow an authorized dealer to attempt repairs on your lemon vehicle
  • Do not sell or trade your lemon – this voids your opportunity to make a claim
  • Obtain vehicle service records from the dealer that attempted repairs on your lemon – this is valuable evidence your attorney will use to pursue your case
  • Don’t become impatient – delay is a common tactic car companies use to get you to quit; if you quit you are stuck with a lemon

Take the 7-question Lemon Larry assessment now to see if you qualify. You could receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle for FREE!

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