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Did you plan to enjoy the biggest Oktoberfest in the country in Cincinnati, only to miss it because your car, truck or SUV was in the shop again? Car repairs are never fun, but recurring issues with a vehicle can seriously disrupt your life and finances. Do you think you’ve been stuck with a lemon? Lemon Larry is here to help.

“Lemon” is a common term used for vehicles of all types that stay in the shop for repairs often. It could be the same problem over and over again, or it could be just one issue after another that keeps it out of service and unreliable. Ohio laws provide recourse when consumers get stuck with a lemon – they are often referred to as “lemon laws.”

Lemon Larry offers a simple seven-question test to see if your problematic vehicle qualifies as a lemon. If so, we connect you with a local Cincinnati lemon law attorney that can provide assistance with filing a claim. Under Ohio State Law, you could receive a replacement vehicle or reimbursement from the dealer at absolutely no cost to you! Yes, FREE!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

With an experienced lemon law claim lawyer in Cincinnati by your side, you stand a much better chance of successfully pursuing a lemon law claim for your defective vehicle. Lemon Larry only works with attorneys that are experienced with handling lemon law cases in Ohio, so you can be confident in their expertise.

Lemon Larry is not an attorney or group of attorneys. We are a service to consumers to help you with information and connections with a professional legal representative. Our service costs you nothing. Plus, your attorney fees and other legal expenses will be covered by the dealer or manufacturer that sold you the lemon vehicle. This is required by Ohio law. You can pursue a lemon law claim and receive a replacement vehicle or reimbursement from the dealer at no cost to you.

What Makes My Vehicle a Lemon?

Ohio law provides guidelines that help consumers determine if their vehicle is a lemon, and if it qualifies for making a claim under state lemon laws. Basically, you must provide the vehicle dealer “reasonable opportunities to repair” the vehicle over a period of time. In Ohio, that timeframe is one year after purchase or 18,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Ohio law even defines these “reasonable opportunities to repair” so you can know if and when your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. Depending on your unique situation, this can get confusing. Too often, many consumers do not get past the lemon law website of the Ohio Attorney General; they give up because they do not understand the legal language or guidelines, or it all seems too difficult.

Lemon Larry Can Help

Don’t give up and keep dealing with a lemon! Lemon Larry simplifies the process of getting the answers and help you need when you have been stuck with a lemon vehicle.

  • Start by taking our simple 7-question test!
  • If you qualify, Lemon Larry will connect you with a qualified attorney.
  • Your Cincinnati lemon law attorney can answer any questions.
  • Qualified claims can receive a replacement vehicle or reimbursement.
  • Our service and your legal fees cost you nothing!

It really is that easy to begin the process of getting rid of your lemon and replacing it with a safe, reliable vehicle for you and your family. Your life in Cincinnati is too busy, and you depend on your car, truck or SUV too much to settle for a lemon (not to mention the money you have invested). Get the help you need today from Lemon Larry!

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