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Are you done bringing your newer vehicle back to the dealer for repairs? When you have a new vehicle, you expect it to be reliable, and if there is a problem, for the manufacturer/dealer to provide an effective repair. When you have a problem-plagued vehicle, you may regret your purchase. The good news is that lemon laws protect consumers like you, and you may be eligible to receive a refund or vehicle replacement for free! Lemon Larry can match you with a Pittsburgh lemon law attorney who can file a claim on your behalf if you qualify.

What does it take to qualify for a lemon law claim? Every state has slightly different lemon laws, but the basic principles are similar. If you have a newer vehicle that you leased or purchased that has had ongoing problems in Pennsylvania, you could qualify to request a refund or replacement vehicle. The vehicle must be licensed and registered in Pennsylvania, and you must have documentation of requested repairs. The first repair attempt must be within 12 months of purchase or lease, and the vehicle must have been to the shop at least three times for the same issue.

At Lemon Larry, we screen potential lemon law claim individuals to determine if they have the basic qualifications for a claim. If you meet the criteria, we will connect you with a Pittsburgh lemon law attorney who can discuss your case’s specifics. You do not need to worry about the cost – we do not charge you for our service, and the attorney will seek their fee from the vehicle manufacturer, not from you. If your attorney wins your case, you could receive a refund for the money you invested into your lemon vehicle or a comparable replacement vehicle.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Lemon laws are designed to protect consumers from poorly made vehicles that are unreliable or unsafe. They also address dealerships that are unwilling to fix or unsuccessful at resolving problems that are covered under the vehicle warranty. When our team at Lemon Larry connects you to a Pittsburgh lemon law claim lawyer, they will collect the needed information to submit your claim and begin fighting for your rights. Some of the information the lawyer may request includes:

  • Documentation of all repair attempts on the vehicle
  • Service visit documentation, showing inspections of the vehicle
  • Evidence of an ongoing vehicle problem
  • Evidence that the vehicle is licensed and registered in Pennsylvania
  • Evidence the problem began within the first 12 months of purchase or lease

Lemon Larry has a network of experienced lemon law claim lawyers, including those in Pittsburgh. We make it simple for you to talk to an attorney in your area that can evaluate your claim for free – if you qualify to file a claim, they can pursue your legal case without any cost to you.

Receive a Refund or Replacement Vehicle for Your Lemon

As frustrating as owning a lemon vehicle can be, options are available to reimburse you for your trouble. At Lemon Larry, we ensure you have access to experienced lemon law attorneys in Pittsburgh that can help you receive the compensation you deserve if you qualify for a claim. Under the law, you may be entitled to receive a refund for your monthly payments, down payment and other money put toward your vehicle. Another option is the manufacturer may need to provide a replacement vehicle for your lemon. The best part is you do not need to pay the attorney – the fees for your legal service will be paid by the manufacturer if the lawyer wins your case.

If you have a lemon vehicle and want to find out if you can make a legal claim for a refund or replacement, contact us at Lemon Larry. Take our quick assessment to determine if you qualify for a Pittsburgh lemon law attorney referral and begin the process to end your unreliable vehicle problems.

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