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Riverside’s location just below the San Bernadino National Forest makes it a wonderful place to live and work. Practically everything a person could want can be found in Riverside – including the occasional problematic car, truck or SUV. New vehicles that require constant repairs are more of a headache than an asset. They are known as “lemons” for the sour experience they offer. When you’ve been stuck with a lemon, take action. Lemon Larry is a free consumer service (we are NOT lawyers) that connects you with an experienced Riverside lemon law attorney if you qualify for filing a lemon law claim.

How do you know if you qualify? Lemon Larry handles that with a quick, 7-question test about your vehicle that you take right online. Follow the link and take it now!

See If You Have a Lemon

  • Get FREE help from a Riverside lemon law attorney!
  • It only takes seconds to see if you qualify!
  • You could receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced CA Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Lemon Larry is a consumer service that partners with seasoned lemon law attorneys in several states. If you qualify, we can connect you with a Riverside lemon law attorney near you that can explain the claims process and walk you through each step.

Under California consumer protection laws, known as lemon laws, vehicles that qualify as a lemon may be replaced by the manufacturer, or you could receive a reimbursement for the cost of the vehicle and any repairs. Plus, the manufacturer must cover all legal fees, including those of your CA lemon law attorney.

This means that you could file a lemon law claim over your problematic car, truck or SUV, and receive a new car as a replacement or the money to purchase a new car, all for FREE! Lemon Larry can put you in touch with a seasoned Riverside, CA, lemon law claim lawyer that can explain more and begin the claims process. But don’t wait, CA lemon laws have a statute of limitations for filing a claim.

What Can a Riverside Lemon Law Attorney Do for Me?

You may wonder if you even need an attorney to file a lemon law claim in California. It isn’t required, but it is recommended. Legal terminology and complex processes can easily confuse you and derail your claim. Plus, dealing with other lawyers from the car manufacturer is not an easy task; they will do everything they can to discount your claim and avoid settling. Your Riverside lemon law attorney can handle these negotiations, pursuing your claim into court, if necessary, plus:

  • Explain important terminology
  • Help you understand the claims process
  • Build a solid case for your claim
  • Help you gather valuable evidence
  • Pursue your lemon law claim in court
  • Negotiate a fair settlement under the law

Your CA lemon law lawyer in Riverside can help you obtain the repair records from the auto dealership that has attempted the unsuccessful repairs on your vehicle. This is documented evidence that you have met, and likely exceeded, what the law requires (a reasonable number of repair attempts) in order to declare your vehicle a lemon. This and other evidence is crucial to building a strong case for your claim.

Often, the car manufacturer will choose to settle out of court instead of risk a public trial that could tarnish their brand image. Your CA lemon law attorney can negotiate the best possible settlement for you under the law, which requires at least a new replacement vehicle or a reimbursement, plus paying all legal fees.

Take Lemon Larry’s 7-question assessment about your vehicle to see if you qualify. You could soon enjoy a new vehicle to replace your lemon!

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