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Are you frustrated that your newer vehicle is not reliable or safe? Buying a new car, truck or SUV is expensive, and you expect that the first few years will be free from problems. When you have a newer defective vehicle that is in and out of the repair shop for the same issues that never seem to be resolved, you could be entitled to a refund under New Jersey lemon laws. At Lemon Larry, we connect consumers with an experienced Jersey City lemon law attorney that can advise them whether they have a lemon law claim.

Every state, including New Jersey, has lemon laws that are designed to protect consumers when they buy a new vehicle. Each set of laws is different and requires various steps to seek compensation for a “lemon” vehicle. In New Jersey, there are lemon laws for both new and used cars – many states only cover new vehicles. Under the New Jersey new car lemon law, the following issues are addressed:

  • Vehicle defect is not corrected in a reasonable amount of time
  • The uncorrected defect puts the owner at risk of death or serious injury
  • The uncorrected defect impairs the value or use of the vehicle

New Jersey new car lemon law allows for a refund of the cost of the vehicle to the owner and other associated expenses. This can include down payment, interest, monthly payment, rental car fees and other expenses. If the manufacturer offers you a replacement vehicle in lieu of a refund, you can accept the replacement. However, the choice is up to you – you can always choose the refund of your vehicle cost and associated expenses like rental car fees. In addition, the legal fees are also paid by the vehicle manufacturer, so the vehicle owner does not need to pay their attorney.

At Lemon Larry, we do not charge a fee to the consumer, and we refer our clients to attorneys that will not charge them for their services. The lawyers only get paid if they win the case and receive payment from the vehicle manufacturer.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

If you are tired of trips to the dealership for ongoing problems with your new vehicle, it may be time to consider filing a lemon law claim. In Jersey City, if your new vehicle began having problems within 24 months after you purchased it, and it had less than 24,000 miles at the time, you may be eligible to file a claim. Our team at Lemon Larry has a network of excellent lemon law claim lawyers, including firms in Jersey City, NJ.

Is Your Vehicle a Lemon?

Has your vehicle been to the repair shop three times or more for the same issue? Did you bring in your newer vehicle for a repair on a safety concern, and it still is not resolved? Has your newer vehicle spent more than 20 days in the shop? If your new vehicle had issues within 24-months of purchase with less than 24,000 miles on the odometer, you could be eligible to submit a lemon law claim. Just click on the button to take our quick 7-question review to see if you meet the basic qualifications for a lemon law claim. If you are eligible, we will connect you with an experienced lemon law attorney in Jersey City.

You should not be put out any longer if your newer vehicle has ongoing repair issues or a serious safety concern that is unresolved. At Lemon Larry, we help you find the right lemon law lawyer in Jersey City to get your claim started. Don’t wait another minute – take our quick assessment now!

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