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El Monte, CA, is the thriving hub of the San Gabriel Valley, but you could miss out on hiking in beautiful Turnbull Canyon or enjoying El Monte’s many parks if your new car, truck or SUV needs repairs. When a new vehicle requires repeated trips to the dealer service center in El Monte and still has problems, it’s known as a lemon. What can you do if your new vehicle keeps having problems the dealer cannot repair?

Lemon Larry exists for consumers like you who feel stuck with a lemon and don’t know how to handle it. There is a means of recourse – and Lemon Larry can help. If you qualify, we can connect you with an El Monte Lemon Law Attorney who could help you get a replacement vehicle or reimbursement from the car company – all for FREE!

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

  • Get FREE help from an El Monte Lemon Law Attorney!
  • See if you qualify in only seconds!
  • You could receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer Near You

Modern vehicles are designed and built with close attention to the smallest details. They not only provide transportation; they cater to various needs and desires, increasing their complexity. Mistakes can happen in the manufacturing process, even with the most stringent quality control measures in place. But that isn’t your fault, and you should not have to suffer if you unknowingly purchased a defective vehicle from a local El Monte car dealer – and you don’t! Lemon Larry can help.

Lemon Larry is not an attorney – we are a FREE service to consumers to help when you’re stuck with a lemon car, truck or SUV. If our quick online assessment determines that you qualify, we will connect you with an experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer near you in El Monte, CA.

California consumer protection laws provide a means for consumers to file a claim against the car manufacturer if they purchased or leased a new vehicle with substantial defects that an authorized dealer cannot repair. If you have returned to the dealer in El Monte or other nearby towns for repeated attempts to repair your vehicle with no success, you likely have a valid lemon law claim. If so, you could receive a replacement vehicle, a reimbursement of the purchase price, and all your legal fees paid by the car company.

Do I Need a CA Lemon Law Attorney?

California does not require consumers to have an attorney to file lemon law claims. But it is recommended that you partner with a seasoned CA Lemon Law Attorney in El Monte for your own benefit. Your local Lemon Law Attorney will know the many tactics auto dealer lawyers use to delay claims and prevent losses. They fight hard to deny that the car manufacturer sold a lemon to an innocent consumer.

An El Monte Lemon Law Attorney near you can help you file a claim and represent you while pursuing your claim until you get what you deserve. And why shouldn’t you pursue justice and satisfaction after the inconvenience and struggles you’ve suffered with your lemon – especially since the law demands the car company must pay all your legal fees if you win your claim?

What have you got to lose? You could receive the following:

  • A replacement vehicle, or
  • Reimbursement of the purchase price, and
  • Possible reimbursement of rental or repair fees, and
  • Your attorney fees paid!

Take the first step toward getting satisfaction by taking Lemon Larry’s 7-question online assessment to see if you qualify!

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