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Temecula is well-known for several championship golf courses, a near-perfect climate, award-winning wineries and one of the lowest cost-of-living rates in California. It is also near approximately 177 car dealerships in Riverside County. With so many available vehicles for lease or purchase, it is statistically probable that you could end up with a lemon.

If this happens to you, help is available. Lemon Larry is not an attorney. However, if you qualify, we can connect you with a Temecula Lemon Law Attorney who can help you file a claim under California consumer protection laws. You may be eligible to receive reimbursement or a replacement vehicle FREE!

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective car, truck or SUV)

  • Get FREE help from a Temecula, CA, Lemon Law Attorney!
  • Find out if you qualify in just seconds!
  • Receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer Near You in Riverside County

Lemon laws are one of the very few exceptions to the old cliché “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Every state has consumer protection laws to provide unwitting consumers a means of recourse when they purchase a lemon. California lemon laws allow you to file a claim against the vehicle manufacturer and receive compensation. The law stipulates that consumers with a qualifying lemon car, truck or SUV may receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle, and the car company must pay all legal fees – including yours.

While a lawyer is not required to file a claim in California, you need an experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer near you in Temecula to pursue your case. They know the law and the complexities that can arise during the claims process. Also, car companies all have attorneys that will attempt to refute claims, delay proceedings, and offer quick, lowball claim settlements to try and save their client money and publicity.

An experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer in Temecula will be on guard for the tactics car company lawyers use and will know how to counter them and see that you receive everything the law demands. After spending what it costs to buy or lease a new vehicle, you deserve no less.

What Can I Do to Help a Local CA Lemon Law Attorney With My Claim?

Your local CA Lemon Law Attorney in Temecula will provide important advice and guidance throughout your lemon law claims process. However, they will rely on you for some critical items. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Don’t sell or trade your lemon – you must own the vehicle in order to file a claim.
  2. Don’t get impatient – car companies will offer fast lowball claims or use delay tactics to make you impatient. Don’t fall for this; trust the process and wait to receive a much larger settlement stipulated by the law.
  3. Do allow your local auto dealer in Temecula to attempt repairs – lemon laws allow the dealer “a reasonable number of attempts” to repair the vehicle. Every failed attempt is more evidence for your claim.
  4. Do obtain your service records – your dealer’s repair records are valuable evidence that you have a lemon. They should be surrendered to you on request without cost.
  5. Do take the Lemon Larry 7-question online assessment to see if you qualify. California has a time limit for how long you have to file a claim.

If you qualify, Lemon Larry will connect you with a nearby Temecula Lemon Law Claim Attorney who can help you determine what to do next. Don’t settle for an unusable new car sitting in your driveway or camping out at the local dealership service center. Take the quick online assessment now – you could receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle FREE!

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