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Has your newer vehicle been back to the dealer for numerous repairs? When they buy a new vehicle, most people assume that they are unlikely to have mechanical and electrical problems, at least for a few years. Even if there are problems, the manufacturer warranty and dealer service department should remedy these issues. Every state has lemon laws that pertain to troublesome new vehicles with ongoing problems, and New Jersey is no exception. If you believe your vehicle is a lemon, you could qualify for a refund. Lemon Larry is your source to find an experienced New Jersey Lemon Law attorney to discuss your case.

What Is a Lemon?

New vehicles are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer that guarantees repair for a certain number of miles or years after purchase. A lemon is a vehicle that has a defect that makes it unsafe, unreliable or devalued. Whether you live in Newark, Jersey City or anywhere in the state, New Jersey lemon laws cover a variety of motorized vehicles, from personal cars, trucks, and SUVS to scooters, motorized wheelchairs and farm tractors. Documentation must be presented as evidence that the vehicle meets the stipulations of the New Jersey lemon law.

To make a lemon law claim, you need to submit an application to the New Jersey Lemon Law Unit through the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. If the application is accepted, a hearing is scheduled at the Office of Administrative Law. This process can be complex and requires that legal requirements are met, which is why it is beneficial to have a New Jersey lemon law attorney handle your claim for efficient results. Our team at Lemon Larry can connect you with a lawyer in New Jersey to discuss your case at no cost to you – ever!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

When you invest money in a new vehicle, you expect to receive a reliable, safe product. When your vehicle has problems in the first few years after purchase that the dealer or manufacturer does not resolve, it may qualify for a refund under New Jersey lemon laws. New Jersey has lemon laws for both used and new vehicles. New vehicle lemon laws in New Jersey cover vehicles within the first 24 months with less than 24,000 miles. If you have a vehicle that has needed repeated repairs for a defect, you may be eligible to receive a refund from the manufacturer, but you need to file a legal claim.

Lemon Larry is not a law firm, but we are experts in finding the right lemon law claim lawyer for our clients. We provide a quick assessment for clients to determine if they may qualify for a lemon law claim – if you qualify, we can find an experienced lemon law claim lawyer in New Jersey to discuss your case. If you win your case with the help of your lawyer, the manufacturer may be legally obligated to buy back your vehicle and refund you for expenses. These can include your down payment, monthly payment and other expenses like rental car fees that are linked to your vehicle’s defects.

Free Lemon Law Claim Assistance

You do not need to pay us at Lemon Larry to be connected to a New Jersey lemon law attorney. You also do not need to pay the lawyer – if the lawyer takes your case, they will file to receive their fee from the manufacturer if they win your claim. Win or lose, you will not pay for the lawyer or our services. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you qualify to submit a lemon law claim for your vehicle.

You deserve to be refunded your money if your vehicle is a lemon. Take our quick Lemon Larry 7-question review, and if you qualify, we will match you with an experienced lemon law attorney in New Jersey. In just a few minutes, you can find out if you can receive a substantial refund for your defective vehicle.

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