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Escondido may be Spanish for “hidden,” but the last thing you want hidden is the fact that your new car, truck or SUV has serious defects that will prevent it from being reliable. Popular nomenclature for such a vehicle is a “lemon,” and when you’ve been stuck with one, it can be infuriating. But help is available that could end up costing you nothing!

Lemon Larry is not an attorney, but if you qualify, we can connect you with an Escondido lemon law attorney that can help you file a claim under CA consumer protection laws. You may be eligible to receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle FREE!

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these seven questions about your defective car, truck or SUV)

  • Get FREE help from an Escondido, CA, lemon law attorney!
  • Find out if you qualify in just seconds!
  • Receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

If this sounds too good to be true, don’t be discouraged – it IS true! Every state has consumer protection laws to provide unwitting consumers a means of recourse when they purchase a lemon, or defective product. California lemon laws allow you to file a claim against the manufacturer for your lemon and receive compensation in the form of a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle. The law also requires the car company to cover all legal fees – meaning your attorney fees are covered, too.

However, you need an experienced lemon law claim lawyer near you in Escondido to pursue your case. While a lawyer is not required to file a claim in California, they can provide valuable assistance navigating the complex and sometimes convoluted claims process. Car company attorneys will refute claims, delay proceedings and offer quick, lowball claims to try and save their client money and publicity.

An experienced lemon law claim lawyer in Escondido will be familiar with these tactics and know how to counter them, fighting in your corner to help you receive everything you deserve under the law. After all, after purchasing a lemon new car, truck or SUV for a large sum of money, you deserve no less.

What Can I Do to Help My CA Lemon Law Attorney with My Claim?

Your Escondido lemon law attorney will provide crucial advice and assistance throughout the claims process, but you also have a vital role to play. The case is yours, and your attorney needs your help. Here’s how you can best help your CA lemon law attorney with your claim:

  1. Don’t sell the vehicle – you must own the vehicle in order to file a claim.
  2. Don’t be impatient – car companies will offer fast lowball claims, knowing consumers. sometimes need their money; patience can see you win a much larger settlement, one that is stipulated under the law.
  3. Do allow the local auto dealer to attempt repairs – lemon laws require the dealer “a reasonable number of attempts” to repair the vehicle. Every failed attempt is more evidence for your claim.
  4. Do obtain your dealer service records – this is valuable proof for your lemon law claim, and must be surrendered by the dealer on request.
  5. Do take the Lemon Larry 7-question online assessment now to see if you qualify! There is a time limit under the law for how long you have to file a claim.

If you take the Lemon Larry assessment and qualify, we will connect you with a nearby Escondido lemon law claim attorney who can help you figure out your next steps. You do not have to settle for a new car sitting in your driveway or the local dealer shop unusable while you still make payments and borrow rides. Lemon Larry can partner you with a seasoned CA lemon law attorney near you in Escondido that can help.

Take the quick online assessment now – you could receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle, FREE!

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