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Living on Long Island doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need a car. But what you don’t need is a car that you cannot depend on – otherwise known as a lemon. As the fourth-highest state in new vehicle sales each year, you can bet some of the different vehicles that find their way onto Long Island will have serious material defects. When this happens, don’t fret – Lemon Larry can help! How?

  • Lemon Larry offers a 7-question test to see if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon
  • New York lemon laws allow you to receive a replacement vehicle or reimbursement
  • A Long Island lemon law attorney can handle all the negotiations
  • NY Law requires vehicle dealers to cover all legal fees

Here’s how Lemon Larry can help. Take Lemon Larry’s 7-question test to see if you qualify. If so, we can connect you with an experienced Long Island lemon law attorney who can help you pursue a lemon law claim. Lemon Larry is not an attorney, and our service is free to consumers. Why not get started today?

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer on Long Island

Long Islanders like their neighbors and are usually suspicious of outsiders. Instead of searching all over the state to find a lemon law claims attorney to handle your case, Lemon Larry can connect you with a seasoned New York lemon law claim lawyer on Long Island near you. These attorneys have recognized expertise with lemon law cases like yours and can answer your questions about filing a claim.

The State of New York requires consumers who file a lemon law claim to pursue an arbitration process as a first step. Some manufacturers have established state-approved arbitration boards while others have not. The state also has its own consumer lemon law arbitration board that can help you with lemon claims.

Arbitration seeks to reach an amicable settlement between the consumer and the vehicle dealer or manufacturer. You can bet that they will be represented by attorneys who can make the matter confusing and difficult, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and undercut. This is why you need your own Long Island lemon law attorney to represent you. He or she will have the skill, knowledge and experience needed to handle negotiations on your behalf.

The lemon laws of New York State are actually intended to protect you – if you have a legitimate lemon vehicle, the law is on your side. Also, the dealer that has attempted to repair your vehicle without success has all the evidence you need in their detailed repair and service records. Your attorney can obtain them for use in negotiations or if your case goes to court.

What If I Can’t Afford a New York Lemon Law Attorney?

We’ve saved the best part until last! Lemon Larry is not an attorney that charges fees. We provide a service that is free to consumers to help you determine if you have a likely lemon law claim and connect you with a local, reputable attorney. We do this at no charge to you.

Moreover, if you have a legitimate lemon law claim, your Long Island lemon law attorney’s fees and other legal expenses are paid by the vehicle dealer or manufacturer. This is required by New York law. So, you may be entitled to receive a replacement vehicle or reimbursement under the law, and have your legal fees paid. The entire process can cost you absolutely nothing! Don’t worry if this sounds too good to be true – we’re used to hearing that. But Lemon Larry has connected many clients with seasoned lemon law attorneys that have pursued their cases with success, and they are now believers!

Don’t keep wasting time and sinking money into a lemon! Take Lemon Larry’s 7-question test now, and get started on the process of replacing your lemon with a safe, reliable vehicle your entire family can enjoy!

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