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There are many reasons San Bernadino residents purchase a new car, truck or SUV. Modern vehicles have more comfort and safety amenities than ever before, making even a short daily commute more enjoyable. Perhaps the main reason people buy new cars is for reliability. A new car can reasonably be expected to start and operate without a hitch for a long time.

But some new vehicles require constant repairs and are more of a headache than an asset. These are called “lemons” due to the owner’s sour experience. If you’ve been stuck with a lemon in California, do something about it. Lemon Larry is a FREE consumer service (we are not lawyers) that can connect you with an experienced San Bernadino Lemon Law Attorney if your defective vehicle qualifies as a lemon.

How do you know if your vehicle qualifies? Lemon Larry has a quick, seven-question online assessment that can quickly provide the answer. Follow the link and take it now!

See If You Have a Lemon

  • Get FREE help from a San Bernadino Lemon Law Attorney!
  • It only takes seconds to see if you qualify!
  • You could receive reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Find an Experienced CA Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Lemon Larry is a free service for consumers that partners with seasoned lemon law attorneys across California and in several other states. If you qualify, we can connect you with a San Bernadino Lemon Law Claim Lawyer near you who can explain more about filing a claim and walk you through each step.

California consumer protection laws, also popularly known as lemon laws, spell out how defective vehicles qualify as a lemon. The manufacturer may replace these vehicles, or you could receive a reimbursement for the cost of the vehicle, plus any repairs or rental car fees. And, the automobile manufacturer must cover all legal fees, including those of your own San Bernadino Lemon Law Attorney.

What does this mean for you? You could file a lemon law claim over your problematic vehicle and receive a new car as a replacement or the money to purchase a new car, all for FREE! Lemon Larry can get you in touch with a seasoned CA lemon law claim lawyer near you in San Bernadino who can explain every aspect of the claims process.

How Can a San Bernadino Lemon Law Attorney Help Me?

Working with a lemon law attorney is not required under California law, but it is recommended. Even the most intelligent person can be confused by unfamiliar legal terminology. The auto manufacturer’s lawyers will use this and other complex processes to confuse you and stop your claim.

A San Bernadino Lemon Law Attorney is well-experienced in handling these negotiations and pursuing claims in court, if necessary. They can also:

  • Explain important terminology
  • Help you understand the claims process
  • Build a solid case for your claim
  • Help you gather valuable evidence
  • Pursue your lemon law claim in court
  • Negotiate a fair settlement under the law

Your CA Lemon Law Lawyer is local to you in San Bernadino and can help you in other practical ways, like obtaining copies of the repair records from the auto dealership that carried out the unsuccessful repairs on your vehicle. This important documented evidence will effectively prove you met what the law requires regarding a “reasonable” number of repair attempts. This and other evidence are necessary to verify your lemon law claim.

Take Lemon Larry’s seven-question assessment about your vehicle to see if you qualify. You could enjoy a reimbursement or a new vehicle to replace your lemon in San Bernadino!

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