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Most California residents know the feeling of satisfaction after purchasing a brand-new car. Unfortunately, there are also some around San Jose who know the exasperation of a brand-new car that repeatedly experiences problems. One would imagine that by now, considering all the technology that comes standard in new cars, trucks and SUVs, most problems would be eliminated. This sadly isn’t the case.

When vehicle problems exist and your new-car dealer in San Jose cannot fix them after several attempts, you have what’s known as a lemon. Lemon Larry can connect you with a San Jose lemon law attorney that can help you get satisfaction.

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

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Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

Lemon Larry is not an attorney or law firm. Lemon Larry is a service that is free to consumers. We connect you with an experienced, skilled San Jose lemon law claim lawyer that can help you resolve your lemon vehicle issue under California State lemon laws. Under these consumer protection statutes, you can have your attorney fees paid by the vehicle dealer or manufacturer. If your lemon law claim is valid, you could be refunded for your lemon car, truck or SUV, or receive a replacement vehicle, FREE!
The process is quick and easy:

  • Take our 7-question assessment to see if you qualify.
  • Get connected with a San Jose lemon law attorney.
  • Pursue a claim under CA lemon laws for reimbursement or replacement.

How Can a San Jose Lemon Law Attorney Help Me?

Every state across the country has laws to protect consumers who bought defective or faulty vehicles or other products. California has similar laws that even spell out how to tell if you have a lemon and your rights under the law. If you purchased a new vehicle in San Jose, have had constant problems with it and the auto dealer in town cannot seem to make sufficient repairs, you may have a lemon.

San Jose lemon law attorneys are experienced with California lemon laws and can help you file a claim that could lead to you receiving a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement from the vehicle manufacturer. As with other California laws, lemon laws can be quite involved and complex, and you need a seasoned lemon law attorney to help you navigate the significant obstacles and challenges.

For example, under the law, the vehicle dealership must be allowed a “reasonable” number of opportunities to repair your vehicle before it can be declared a lemon. Of course, “reasonable” is a relative term; and this is only one of many factors that can make these cases complex.

What Can I Do to Help a San Jose Lemon Law Attorney with My Case?

What a San Jose lemon law attorney will need from you is documentation of all your hassle and repair attempts. Fortunately, your auto dealer can provide this. They keep official records of each time they work on your vehicle, from simple oil changes to attempts at fixing the same issue. Your San Jose lemon law attorney will need you to obtain these records from the dealer. This is simply a matter of paying them a visit and asking for a complete printout of the records. Why is this important?

  • Each service report is a documented attempt by an authorized dealer to solve the problem
  • Even if the problem is not discovered or solved, the service visit counts as evidence
  • Repeated attempts by the dealer to make repairs without success strengthens your claim

Don’t just settle the issue yourself by selling or trading your defective vehicle – that just places a lemon on someone else’s plate. Instead, you could receive a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement vehicle from the manufacturer. Complete Lemon Larry’s simple assessment to see if your case qualifies as a lemon. If so, Lemon Larry will connect you with a local lemon law attorney in San Jose that can provide the legal assistance you need.

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