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How many games at Ohio State University have you missed, not to mention days missed from work, because you got stuck with a lemon? “Lemon” is the slang term used for a vehicle that seems to always need repairs, generally on the same issue. Sometimes the vehicle can have multiple issues that keep in the shop more than on the road. When you get stuck with a lemon, there is help – meet Lemon Larry!

Lemon Larry is not an attorney but a free service connecting consumers with experienced Columbus lemon law attorneys near you that can help you file a claim under Ohio’s lemon laws. It all begins with a simple, fast 7-question online test to see if you qualify:

See If You Have a Lemon

  • Get FREE help from a Columbus Lemon Law Attorney!
  • You may qualify to receive a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement for your lemon!
  • Lemon Larry’s service costs you nothing!

How Does Ohio Law Define a Lemon?

The State of Ohio, and other states, have similar laws to handle situations when consumers purchase in good faith a vehicle that turns out to be materially defective. These laws are for your protection, and they offer clear guidelines on how to define a lemon vehicle and what a consumer can do to resolve the issue. Very often, the laws can be a bit complicated; moreover, pursuing legal issues always requires the services of a qualified attorney.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office website has a page that offers a good explanation of your rights under the law when pursuing a lemon claim. Ohio uses a four-question test to determine if a vehicle can be considered a lemon. The consumer must answer “yes” to any of the four questions, provided that the vehicle problems have occurred within the first year of ownership or the first 18,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Consumers must give the vehicle dealer a chance at “reasonable opportunities to repair” the vehicle. If after these attempts, the vehicle is still not in a reliable, usable condition, you may file a claim under lemon laws. Lemon Larry helps to simplify the process by connecting you with a nearby Columbus lemon law attorney to guide you through the process.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer in Columbus

When you have a particular medical need, you want an experienced specialist to handle your care. Likewise, when you have a legitimate lemon law claim, you do not want just any attorney to handle it. A generalist may handle several areas of law, but is not well-versed in any of them. Lemon Larry knows all the attorneys in Columbus that specialize in handling lemon law cases. We only work with the most experienced in this area of law.

This means that consumers do not have to search all over Ohio and waste time and money traveling to distant locations to get the help they need. If you live in Columbus or the surrounding areas, Lemon Larry can connect you to an experienced lemon law attorney near you that can provide all the help you need with your claim.

Common Questions for an Ohio Lemon Law Attorney

Perhaps all this sounds too good to be true. You are sure to have questions – we have the answers! Here are some of the most common questions we receive about the Lemon Larry service and lemon law attorneys.

  1. What does all of this cost? – Lemon Larry’s services cost you nothing. And, if you have a legitimate lemon law claim, Ohio state law requires the vehicle dealer to cover all legal fees for your attorney and any related expenses. That means pursuing your claim will also cost you nothing!
  2. Why do I need an attorney? – The arbitration and legal negotiations involved in pursuing your lemon law claim are best left to professionals. You can be sure that the vehicle dealer and manufacturer will protect themselves with attorneys to argue their case – you need to be similarly prepared!
  3. How can I be sure my vehicle qualifies as a lemon? – Lemon Larry simplifies this process with our seven-question online test. This quick test is to see if you qualify to make a lemon law claim. If so, we connect you with a local Columbus lemon law attorney to provide assistance. Take our test now!

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