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Perhaps nothing is more frustrating or infuriating than investing many thousands of dollars into a brand-new car, truck or SUV, only to discover you can’t depend on it. Although repairs are initially covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you bought a new vehicle to avoid constant repairs, downtime and inconvenience. Plus, when the dealer cannot seem to make repairs, and the same issue (or many issues) continues to crop up, you should have a means of recourse. And you do!

California lemon laws exist for this exact scenario. If your new vehicle consistently has problems that the dealer cannot seem to discover and/or repair, you may have a case under the state’s lemon laws. With a seasoned California lemon law attorney near you in Sacramento, you could even get a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement of the purchase price from the manufacturer.

Lemon Larry is a free service to help you determine if your case qualifies under CA lemon laws. Take our fast online assessment to see if you qualify:

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Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

An experienced lemon law claim lawyer in Sacramento has the specific knowledge and expertise it takes to successfully pursue your California lemon law claim. While the law affords you some protections and provisions, you need an attorney who can help you file and pursue a claim. Vehicle manufacturers are not prone to just roll over and give out free vehicles, nor are they willing to freely admit that they produced a lemon.

A Sacramento lemon law claim lawyer knows how to amass the necessary evidence to prove that your vehicle meets and/or exceeds the requirements of the law for being a lemon, or a defective product. He or she can also provide the necessary documentation from the dealer that outlines all their unsuccessful repair attempts. Every dealership keeps repair records, and it is your right to obtain a copy at any time.

A skilled California lemon law attorney also knows that car manufacturers will do almost anything to avoid putting their brand in a negative light. Bad press can have a significant impact on sales. Instead of fighting a lemon law claim in open court before the public and the media, they often choose to settle quietly, outside of court. However, the law stipulates the minimums they must provide in exchange for a defective vehicle. These can include:

  • A new replacement vehicle, or
  • Reimbursement of the purchase price
  • Any rental or repair fees you have paid
  • All legal fees for your case

California Lemon Laws Protect Consumers Like You

Consumer protection laws exist in California and other states to protect people just like you who have spent your hard-earned money in good faith and in turn, received a defective product. The law is on your side if your defective car, truck or SUV meets the requirements under the law. This includes a “reasonable” number of times allowing the auto dealership to attempt repairs.

“Reasonable” can be quite ambiguous; but each instance of attempted repairs provides valuable documentation that will help your case. Either repeated attempts at the same issue or multiple issues over a specific period of time can qualify your vehicle as a lemon. A Sacramento lemon law claims lawyer can help you more with obtaining the necessary evidence for your claim.

Lemon Larry Helps You for FREE!

Lemon Larry is not an attorney or association of attorneys. We are a free service to consumers that helps you determine if you have a probable lemon law case, then connects you with a local, experienced lemon law attorney who can help you. With Lemon Larry’s free services, and your attorney fees paid by the vehicle manufacturer if you win your case, you could get a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement for absolutely no cost!

Start today by taking Lemon Larry’s quick, 7-question online assessment. If you qualify, you will be connected to a seasoned Sacramento lemon law claim lawyer who can help you further. Start now!

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