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Does your new or leased car, truck or SUV spend more time in the local Modesto dealership repair shop than it does on the road? We know this can be a frustrating, inconvenient and even enraging experience. After what consumers are asked to pay for new vehicles, you should expect everything to work correctly for a long period of time. Unfortunately, an occasional lemon still slips through the cracks – and you just happened to be the unfortunate one to purchase it.

Lemon Larry is here to help. When you get stuck with a lemon, you need a seasoned Modesto Lemon Law Attorney to help you make things right with the auto dealer and manufacturer. Under the law, you could receive a refund of your accumulated expenses, a complete refund of the vehicle purchase price or a replacement vehicle.

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these seven questions about your defective vehicle)

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Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

According to California Civil Code 1793.22 dealing with Sale Warranties, also called the Tanner Consumer Protection Act, consumers like you who got stuck with a lemon are afforded legal protection and a means of recourse. These laws can entitle you to a full refund from the automobile manufacturer after a reasonable number of attempts have been made to repair the problem without success. An experienced lemon law claim lawyer in Modesto can guide you through the process to help you resolve this issue.

Worried about attorney fees? Don’t be – California lemon laws mandate that vehicle manufacturers must pay all legal fees for qualifying lemon law victims. Plus, Lemon Larry is a FREE service to consumers – we are NOT an attorney – so you also pay us nothing to be connected with an experienced lemon law claim lawyer in Modesto.

How Do I Know I Have a Lemon?

CA lemon laws provide guidelines for determining if a vehicle purchased in CA is a lemon, and there are many different problems your vehicle could have that make it a lemon. Mechanical issues, electrical problems and safety issues are just some of the problems that, if they cannot be resolved after repeated attempts, could indicate you have a lemon.

What Conditions Are Required?

California lemon laws cover newly purchased or leased vehicles still under warranty with a “reasonable” number of unsuccessful repair attempts. There are also some time factors for allowing the dealer to attempt repairs and report their lack of success. A California lemon law attorney near you in Modesto can explain more of the law’s specifics and how they apply to your particular claim.

  • The car, truck or SUV you believe is a lemon must have been purchased or leased in CA.
  • The alleged lemon car, truck or SUV must have a “substantial defect” initially covered by the factory warranty.
  • An authorized auto dealership must have been given a “reasonable” number of attempts to repair the vehicle, without success. Since “reasonable” is subject to interpretation, you should keep all dealership documentation of their repair attempts, complete with dates and a detailed explanation of services and parts used.
  • The vehicle must have been out of service for at least 30 days for these unsuccessful repairs.
  • You may also be eligible to receive reimbursement for a rental car and other expenses incurred due to your lemon being in the shop and unavailable for use.

Lemon Larry has a fast, seven-question process to assist you in making that determination. Click this link, answer the questions and see if you qualify to get free, no-obligation help from a Modesto Lemon Law Attorney.

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