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Most people know what a lemon is – it’s a piece of junk that can’t seem to run right or be reliable. What many people may not know is that there are laws to protect consumers who have purchased a lemon. Returning small appliances that are defective to the store is commonplace. But what about a new car, truck or SUV that, over time, continues to break down for the same, or different, problems? That’s when a Santa Ana lemon law attorney can help.

California consumer protection laws, often called lemon laws, provide a means of recourse when you have purchased a lemon. If you qualify, you could receive a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement from the manufacturer – all for FREE! How do you know if you qualify? Take Lemon Larry’s 7-question online assessment.

See If You Have a Lemon (Answer these 7 questions about your defective vehicle)

  • Get FREE help from a Santa Ana lemon law attorney!
  • Find out if you qualify in just a few seconds!
  • Receive a reimbursement or a replacement vehicle!

Lemon Larry is not an attorney. We are free service to consumers that can connect you with a qualified, experienced Santa Ana lemon law attorney that can help you pursue a lemon law claim. All without costing you a single dime.

Find an Experienced Lemon Law Claim Lawyer

The Lemon Larry service is free to help you when you have been stuck with a lemon car, truck or SUV. Under California lemon laws, if your vehicle and situation meet the established criteria, you may receive a replacement vehicle or be reimbursed for the cost and repairs of your lemon vehicle. Also, the law says that the manufacturer of the lemon must cover all legal fees. This means that your legal fees for a CA lemon law claim lawyer are paid. You owe nothing!

Lemon Larry partners with experienced lemon law attorneys throughout California and several other states. We only choose lawyers who primarily focus on consumer protection cases, not those who handle that plus several other, non-related areas of law. We want you to have the best chance possible of winning your claim, so we’ve joined with the best Santa Ana lemon law attorneys available.

How Can a Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorney Help Me?

Tackling a lemon law claim on your own is not advised. The car manufacturer that produced and sold you a lemon will not just roll over and admit defeat. They will try to dispute your claim to prevent loss. Your CA lemon law attorney knows how to deal with their representatives and build a solid case for you that he or she is more than willing to pursue into the courts.

However, most auto manufacturers will do almost anything to avoid negative press for their brand, like battling over a lemon vehicle in open court. Often, your attorney is able to reach a fair settlement with the dealer or manufacturer that meets the requirements of California law. This means in no time at all, you could receive a replacement vehicle or a reimbursement for your lemon, without any cost whatsoever to you.

What Should I Do to Prepare for a CA Lemon Law Claim?

The most important thing you can do to prepare for filing a lemon law claim, after taking Lemon Larry’s quick online assessment to see if you qualify, is to obtain all the records from the dealer that attempted to repair your vehicle. Every dealership service center keeps detailed records of what they do to a vehicle and when. This is valuable documentation that your Santa Ana lemon law claim lawyer will use to build a solid case.

Want to know more? Take Lemon Larry’s 7-question assessment to see if you qualify. If so, we’ll connect you with a seasoned Santa Ana lemon law attorney that can guide you through the next steps.

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