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What to Do When Your Used Car is a Lemon ,
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Pandemic-related supply chain issues and shortages are still driving up the price of used vehicles, making it difficult to find a car or truck on the lot at all. When something you desperately need is in short supply, it can feel almost like you have to take whatever you can get. Unfortunately, this can end in the discovery that your new-to-you used car is a lemon. Now what?

Filing a Lemon Law Case

Your best course of action is to take your case to an expert. The intricacies of lemon law cases involving both new and used cars can be incredibly tricky to navigate effectively. When doing so can mean the difference between recourse for your misfortune or being stuck with a defective vehicle and no clear path of action, the choice is clear.

Even if you’ve been burned with a lemon, the idea of filing a lawsuit can be intimidating. Just imagining spending years fighting a defendant and putting your life on hold all for a subpar vehicle can be enough to put you off seeking justice immediately, but that shouldn’t be your first response. The truth is, your personal involvement in a lemon law case isn’t likely to include very much, aside from providing your lawyer with all the information they need.

Rarely, a formal question and answer session with a court reporter present, called a deposition, may be required. This happens in a slim minority of cases, however. Often, these cases settle in the plaintiff’s favor without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom. The first step to filing a case is to meet with a lawyer who specializes in getting justice under lemon laws.

What to Expect During a Lemon Law Case

When you meet with a lawyer, they will be able to hear the individual details of your unique situation, making it easier for them to advise you on what’s to come. Because no two cases are the same, your lawyer will give you an overview of what to expect throughout the process.

If you have a lemon on your hands, submit a case review form today to confirm you qualify to file, and begin the process of setting things right.

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