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What is the Lemon Law in California? ,

Are you looking for information about What the Lemon Law is in California? Below we have spelled out what the lemon law guidelines are in the State of California.

For most people, buying a new car is a significant investment and one of the most expensive purchases consumers will make. In California, most of us rely on our vehicles as our main source of transportation to school, work, doctor’s appointments, and anywhere we need to be. It’s vitally important for our vehicles to be safe to drive and problem free.

If a vehicle is not mechanically sound when we make a purchase it may be repaired or even exchanged at no additional cost to the consumer. California Lemon Laws and many other states have been created for consumers to protect them when they buy or lease trucks, cars, minivans and SUV’s. These consumer protections cover other product purchases as well.

Also known as The Tanner Consumer Protection Act, the California Lemon Law covers new trucks, cars, vans, and SUV’s, California lemon laws may still apply for motorcycles and motor homes.

California lemon laws state that auto and truck manufacturers must:

  1. Make sure repairs take no longer than 30 days
  2. Have adequate facilities to repair their vehicles
  3. Have the opportunity to make a certain number of repair attempts to fix the problem
  4. Offer the consumer a replacement vehicle or a refund (less trouble free usage value)
  5. Pay for the consumer’s reasonable attorney’s costs and fees

What happens if the manufacturer of the warrantied vehicle cannot or will not fix the car or truck after a reasonable number of repair attempts?
California Lemon law states that it must be replace or repurchase the car or truck and pay consequential and incidental damages, and the attorney’s fees and costs.

What constitutes a “reasonable” number of attempts?
This really can vary based on the particular problem and is evaluated on a case by case basis. Certain guidelines have been created that help determine if the number of repair attempts are “reasonable,” before one can receive a replacement vehicle or a refund.

California’s Lemon Laws provide you with important rights and protections
If you purchased your vehicle in California, a California Lemon Law attorney can help you receive important remedies when your vehicle has defects that the dealer cannot or will not fix.

What are some of the remedies California lemon laws provide?

  • Replacement of your defective car or truck
  • Cash settlement
  • Repurchase the defective truck or car
  • Pay an attorney’s reasonable fees and costs for representation

Having legal representation helps protect your lemon law rights. An experienced lemon law attorney can negotiate the best terms of a settlement for you and it costs you nothing out of pocket.

California Lemon Law is applied to the majority of vehicles that are leased or purchased in the state of California and still under the manufacturer’s warranty for a new car or truck. The exception is if you’re a member of the Armed forces and you purchased or registered your vehicle outside of California.

Are Used Vehicles Covered Under California’s Lemon Laws?

Yes, as long as they are still under a manufacturer’s new car warranty. The remaining time on the warranty still offers protection to the used car owner.

What are Buybacks?

If a vehicle is bought back by a dealer and then resold the law states that it must have identification showing it is a “lemon law buyback” and there must be a lemon sticker on the door.

A buyer who purchased a lemon buyback that hasn’t been properly identified may still have rights under California Lemon Laws.

Are there other laws that may protect you when Lemon Law doesn’t apply?

Yes. There are other state and federal laws that may protect you, including those that protect against deceptive practices and minimum safety standards.

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