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GMC Sierra Lemon Law Claims

Are you wondering if your GMC Sierra qualifies for a lemon law claim? Please fill out the form on this page to find out if your GMC Sierra is a lemon.

GMC used to be called General Motors Truck Company, and it is a part of General Motors (GM). it’s main line is trucks and utility vehicles. They also manufacture SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and light-duty trucks, and focus on a premium-based market.

There is a lot of similarity between GMC and Chevrolet trucks but, GMC is has taken the position of being the premium line compared to the more Chevrolet brand, including luxury vehicles Denali.

The First World War saw GMC providing 1-ton troop carriers and aviation support vehicle. By 1918, almost all of GMC truck production was for military use.

When the Second World War came along, GMC Truck manufactured over 600,000 trucks for the for United States Armed Forces.

In 1996, Pontiac Motor Division was merged with GMC, which allowed a dealership to both trucks and entry-to-mid-level cars, much like Cherolet was already doing.

Acadia came out in 2007, and the GMT-360 based Envoy, was it’s predecessor.
After 100 years, GMC ended production of medium-duty commercial trucks in 2009
At this time with the launch of the 4500HD/5500HD Silverado in 2018, they became exclusive to Chevrolet.GMC introduced the Terrain in 2009 which is also with GM as is theChevrolet Equinox.
Starting in 2020,marketing began to present GMC’s vehicles as more luxurious, and more premium than the Chevrolets.

GMC Sierra and Low Reliability Ratings from Consumer Reports

Did you know that in the U.S., the GMC Sierra is ranked the fifty most popular truck? In 2019 alone, they sold more than 230,000 trucks. In 1998, GM also began production on it’s twin, the Chevrolet Silverado.

Even with its rich history, the GMC Sierra has a lot of mechanical problems, has a low reliability rating of 2 out of 65 from Consumer Reports, and that means many of them continue to be lemons. The 2017 GMC Sierra received a 1 out of 5 reliability rating for the 2017 model.

Here’s a list of some of the most common problems GMC Sierra owners are upset about:

  1. GMC Sierra transmission problems. Shaking, shuddering, jerking, clunking, hard shifting.
  2. Chevy Shake claims include the GMC Sierra. Faulty transmissions that shake when the driver shifts gears. Shaking can also happen when accelerating in a single gear. The four-wheel-drive transfer case position sensor switch failure. When the occurs, the 4WD message would display. It doesn’t store default codes which would help figure out what problem caused the message.
  3. Heating and air conditioning doesn’t provide the correct temperatures or air delivery.
  4. The GMC Fuel level sensor failure. The fuel tank doesn’t correctly read the fuel level.
  5. Clunking sound- coming from the upper intermediate steering shaft.
  6. Speedometer or other gauges are erratic.

Does Your GMC Sierra Qualify as a Lemon?

If you own a GMC Sierra and you think your Sierra may qualify for an experienced lemon law claim attorney to file a claim on your behalf, please fill out the form on this page. Lemon Larry helps pair consumers with experienced Lemon Law claim lawyers.

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