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Liz Chu

They were great during a stressful time in my life. I needed another car desperately due to having so many mechanical issues, even though it was fairly a new car (2017). I got a lemon law attorney and they helped me through the process fairly quickly without having to worry about the situation at all.

Nancy G.

I am so grateful to these attorneys for contacting me regarding the lemon of a car I had with Chevy Cruze. A true LEMON! Within 5 months of hiring a Lemon Law Attorney (at no cost to me), I received a great settlement for which I returned my 4 year old car to GM, and bought a new car!

Josh F.

The Lemon Law Attorney did a Great job! They answered all my questions in a timely manner, and were very friendly. The manufacturer of my vehicle bought back my lemon, and awarded me a settlement. The turn in process at end only took about 30 min.

Ricardo R.

I talked to an attorney and they told me not to worry about it anymore and that he would take care of the problem with In two weeks they agreed to buy back my vehicle, then the process lasted about another 7 months but long story short finally I'm out of the Jeep.

Vahag S.

I bought my 2018 kia stinger, a brand new car, for me and for the manufacturer. So not even a month in issues started coming up. It took 4 months for me to get my settlement, only because of the Covid pandemic otherwise I'm sure they would’ve got it done earlier.

Taylore W.

My 2018 Jeep Compass caused nothing but problems after only 5 months of purchasing it. It took 5 months for them to win my case with Chrysler after submitting the retainer, but in those 5 months the attorney was honest and communicative.

Eric V.

Professional no-fuss representation. They explained up front how the process would proceed, how long it would take, and what can be expected. After you explain your case and scan/submit all relevant documentation, the process is painless.

Billy H.

Best thing since sliced bread. I had problems with my car and it was in shop multiple times for various repairs and noise issues. I got connected with one of the lemon law attorneys. They were able to get me a settlement above and beyond my expectations!

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